Nidome no Yuusha Volume 1 Chapter 26

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Volume 1 Chapter 26- The Princesses’ Sleepless Nights



It had been over 10 days since that heart wrenching betrayal.

Following the words of the Great Spirit,  on that day they had carried out the Hero Summoning ceremony. And just as the Great Spirit had foretold, the summoning ceremony had succeeded after offering a sacrifice from the beast race.

However, what appeared there was no human. It was a monster void of  culture or reason.

After having succeeded in the summoning, I had intended to show this person from the other world a temporary dream as a “Hero.” However…


The scars on her back throbbed strongly

『 I will not obey you.

This piece of trash is a warning

I will ensure you all suffer a fate worse than death

I will take away everything you hold dear. Prepare yourselves

From the Second Time Avenger』

On my beautiful back that had once been praised as being porcelain white were the visible remains of the scar that was carved onto it.

Even though they had restored my HP with healing magic, it still would still take some time before the scars would completely disappear. The only person in the continent who could completely cure it in one go was probably the Archbishop of the Theocracy.

However, thanks to effects of taking healing magic everyday, the burns on my back had slowly healed. After a couple of days, the faint scars that were still left over would also eventually disappear. The pain had long since gone away, but whenever the memories of that person resurfaced, the scar on my back began throbbing again.

That day, after he had had left the room, as if a string had reached its limit and broke, unable to bear the pain I had lost consciousness. As the sun set, we were finally saved by the knights who had been on standby outside. When I woke up, I was inside my personal room in the castle.

Including the captain, all the powerful knights had scars leftover from their experiences in the battlefield. They didn’t have the sort of time to completely heal their scars, so while it made them look more menacing on the battlefield, they were still an ugly sight to behold.

That’s why I had gathered only the best looking knights – in order to prevent scaring the Hero who had just been summoned into a different world. As a result, half of those knights were still stuck in the infirmary.

Even though I had top priority in healing treatment, it took a whole day for them to heal my mouth burns until I could finally just barely speak.

The knights who had their limbs broken, their faces crushed, and were just barely living.

The Princess who had her face beaten until swollen,  her hair tossed in the dirt, and her back engraved with burns.

While they didn’t know what had exactly happened, it was clearly the work of a human, but they couldn’t find any traces.

Just in case, they had surrounded the entire building with knights, but eventually concluded that the perpetrator must have had escaped by means of teleportation. They held off additional inspections until I was healed and able to talk about what had happened.

The item that the person had stolen as “war funds” was a necklace that symbolized my right as the first in line to succeed the royal family.

Any item with the crest of the royal family could not be sold easily and would be quickly traced. Even if it were to be taken out of the royal city, it was possible to go after it.

The necklace was something that was handed down to me from my deceased sister. To be touched by that sort of beast…no… nobody was allowed to touch that besides myself.


I wont forgive him. I will take back my necklace. I will drive him to the depths of despair and kill him as he begs forgiveness.

However, even after several days had passed, there was not a single clue. They thought that he must have had already left the city.

But yesterday, they finally received reports from a noble who had seen the necklace.

Today the necklace would be returned at the first royal audience. It seemed that the Earl had been confiscating illegal goods from a transaction in the slums when he saw the necklace mixed in.

“Princess, it’s almost time.”

“Yes, I know.”

As I replied to my attendant, I fixed up my clothes and headed towards the audience hall.

In the audience room, sitting firmly on the throne was my father, the king, Rogia Aurorulea. Beside him, though nearing 40 was a woman who possessed a beautiful face unphased by the years. My mother, the queen, Lecilia Aurorulea.

On the opposite side, I was sitting in a chair.

In between the king and the queen stood the kingdom’s prime minister Robence. And between me and the king stood the knight’s captain Gidott.

“I humbly return this item to the royal family.”

Kneeling in the audience room was a noble in his primes. Receiving the necklace that had been left on a stand, the attendant brought it towards me.

Resisting the urge to rush out and take the necklace,  I waited and put it on after receiving it.

I felt a rush as the magic embedded within the necklace covered my entirety. At the same time, a faint green light shone from my body and, just as quickly as it had appeared, vanished without a trace.

“■、■■■■!! Are you okay!?”

My father turned towards me and asked, but I couldn’t hear the first word he had said.

“Yes father, I’m fine.”

Confirming my condition, I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary.

“I see…but what was that light? ……■■■■■、■■■■■, do you know anything?”

“■■■、■■ is just a knight. Maybe ■■、■■ knows something?”

“…No, I don’t…” replied the prime minister with a sullen face.

However, I finally realized what was happening

“■■■, ■ not an expert either so I can’t say with certainty, but that light… could it have been a curse?”

“W-what did you say? But, it doesn’t look like anything’s wrong with ■■■■…”

“F-father, your voice, no, I can’t hear anything that refers to a person.”

“W-what! What is the meaning of this!?”

I can hear them talking. However, pronouns and the names of people don’t seem to enter my ear. Panicking, I try to remove the necklace but it wont come off.

“I-I can’t, I can’t take this off!”

Hearing “curse” and not fully understanding what was happening, unease spread throughout me.

Time passed as the chaos continued.

First, anybody with knowledge in magic was gathered together, but all of those stationed in the castle had at best only knowledge of spells related to combat. They didn’t have the ability to understand or explain the principles behind it.

It wasn’t the type of curse that a priest could alleviate either as it required doing something about the magic in the necklace.

It seemed that a high level disguise magic was cast on the necklace that normal people wouldn’t be able to dispel.

A few days later, people from the city of scholars were invited to figure out how to deal with the situation.

“That’s enough for today. I want to be alone. Stand back.”

Being left alone in the room, I grind my teeth at the situation.

This was the time when I needed to start making connections as the next in line heir to the throne. This was supposed to be the time for me to build up the foundations.

The kingdom was founded by a woman. Though there weren’t any tendencies to challenge princesses, there was still a need for me to show my worth. As such, there was a need for me to actively participate in higher society but right now, let alone names, he, she, you, I, myself – I couldn’t hear any of it.

It wasn’t be a problem in everyday life with people I saw regularly, but for keeping up appearances in high society, it was a fatal flaw.

Even with talented people from the scholar city, it would still take at the very least 2 months. Even then, the effects of being 2 months late was unimaginable.

“Fuuu, no good. My mind is turning for the worse.”

Anyhow, I’m tired.

After finishing a cup of warm milk, I quickly fixed my night gown and stood up.

As I slipped into the bed made from the highest class furs, my mind immediately begins to fade.


“Crap, its no good. Healing magic isn’t working.”

“I see… shit! Are the people from scholar city still not here!?”

In the middle of the night, the king and those who were capable of healing magic were quickly gathered into my room.

It had been 3 days since I put on the necklace. That reality slowly crept up and assaulted me.

The burns on my back that were supposed to have healed exploded.

It was as if the wound had re-winded.

A scorching pain ran across my back.

The same pain I felt before all those days spent healing the burns.

“Kuuuuuuuuuu, haa, haAA!!”

The days that I couldn’t lay on my back or sleep were returning.

As if needles were gouging my wounds again and again.

The necklace’s magic covered my back emitting a faint green light making it known this was the necklace’s doing. However, even realizing that and being told by the king, they had no way of dealing with it. Even healing magic wasn’t working.

I slowly lose my grasp of time as the pain grips me.

At some point, the healers and my father disappeared from the room. No…I had told them to leave.

My pride as a princess couldn’t allow others to see me like this.

“I’ll never…forgive you…”

Though there wasn’t any proof, I knew that this was the doing of that person.

That’s why I refused to let out cries of pain or help. In exchange, I’ll harbor these emotions born from pain. Darker, blacker, until it dyes jet back.

That man…no, that monster who defiled my necklace and made me like this… I swear I will drive you to the depths of despair.

Unforgivable. I will definitely repay you for this!”

Holding onto the jet black emotions born from pain, the princess continued writhing throughout the night. So that those emotions wouldn’t disappear.

“Gu, gaAAAAAAAAAh. AAAAAAAA…ha..haaaAA!!”

And so, the Princess didn’t sleep.

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