Day: June 2, 2017

Lapis no Shinzou Chapter 1 – Prologue

Translated and edited by Hitogai
Thanks /darkgray for the recommendation

Some notes:
Kyouki – 狂鬼 – literally means mad demon/madman but I’ve decided to just leave it as kyouki for the time being

Bloodless/Stainless Death God – 赤なしの死神 – literally red-less death god.Still thinking how to translate it

East/west side -東側・西側- literally what I wrote. Not sure how else to put it

Bonafide – 極石級 – Honestly no idea what this means. Dictionary and google results show nothing helpful. Basic meaning I can guess from the context.

Anyways, this is my second translation. Apologies for any mistakes/poor writing. Enjoy.