Lapis no Shinzou

Lapis no Shinzou Volume 1 Chapter 1

Translated and edited by Hitogai

Sorry for the wait. Got caught up with some stuff. Next chapter shouldn’t take as long. Kind of rushed it so once again, apologies for any mistakes. Criticism is highly appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. I’m Canadian so I spell stuff with a “u”

Some TL notes for those interested:

狂鬼 -kyoki- I’ve decided to change this to “fiend” as it more accurately represents kyoki as a general name for beasts residing in the ashen forest.

輝石 -kiseki- Decided to translate this literally as “augite.” Modern meaning of the word refers to a specific type of mineral so in that sense, it may not be completely accurate in the story. However, latin and greek roots of the word which denotes a precious type of stone and lustre fits the lore of the story quite well I feel. Also something like “crystal gem” sounds kind of boring where I feel “augite” kind of gives it a more unique feel.

従士 -juushi- Probably having the hardest time with this and other military terms used in the novel. Quick google search comes up with a couple results: thane, yeoman, samurai follower etc. All of them can somewhat fit in the context of the story, but none really stick as a “beginner rank” kind of feel. Other search results yielded skyrim popping up with 従者 being followers. Anyhow, something relating servitude may perhaps be best, so I’ve decided to leave it as “attendant” for now though it may very well change.

I guess those are the big ones. Will leave the others for another time.

Lapis no Shinzou Chapter 1 – Prologue

Translated and edited by Hitogai
Thanks /darkgray for the recommendation

Some notes:
Kyouki – 狂鬼 – literally means mad demon/madman but I’ve decided to just leave it as kyouki for the time being

Bloodless/Stainless Death God – 赤なしの死神 – literally red-less death god.Still thinking how to translate it

East/west side -東側・西側- literally what I wrote. Not sure how else to put it

Bonafide – 極石級 – Honestly no idea what this means. Dictionary and google results show nothing helpful. Basic meaning I can guess from the context.

Anyways, this is my second translation. Apologies for any mistakes/poor writing. Enjoy.